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Happy Birthday Jesus 2018
44 pictures from December 8, 2018

Christian Education Week 2018
October 29th - November 2nd

Vacation Bible School - July 2018

Music Camp 2018

Easter For Kids
March 24, 2018

Social Studies Fair Projects
Students in grades 3 - 7 worked on Social Studies Fair projects and received many awards at Academic Day at MLHS.  Good Job!

Happy Birthday Jesus! 2017
On Saturday, December 9th we gathered together....children and parents honor Jesus' birth with the retelling of the Christmas story, crafts, and a few other fun things.  Click on the title to see over 70 pictures from the day.

Christian Education Week 2017
The school children did many special activities during the week of October 30th.  On Friday, they even put on a short play about Martin Luther and our quilt was on display for all to enjoy.  Click on the words Christian Education Week above to see more pictures.

I think Peace Lutheran School is special because .....
This is what one student wrote when asked why her school was so special.

I think Peace Lutheran School is special because.....answer 2
Click on the blue words above, then click on the letter to enlarge it.  Enjoy your reading.